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We pay for feedback about salaries, labor taxes, consultant rates, and staffing agency fees. Our online Validation Platform allows you to earn money while keeping your day job and your anonymity.

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Complete the qualification profile.

Step Two

If approved, you will gain access to simple online surveys to complete.

Step Three

We pay for your feedback on a per project basis. Set up your payment profile to get paid.

Skills Village helps the PeopleTicker compensation tool remain the most accurate system in the world.

The PeopleTicker is the world's leading Big Data and AI solution for tracking global compensation for salaried employees and consultants/gig workers.

What is Skills Village?

Skills Village is a community of experts earning extra income by validating compensation information for the PeopleTicker.

Who can qualify for Skills Village?
We have needs in many locations and across multiple subjects. For our questions related to wages; Recruiters, Compensation Professionals, and Labor Managers are helpful.  For our questions related to taxes and statutory requirements in local geographies; Human Resources, Tax and Payroll Professionals, and Staffing Professionals are needed.  For Staffing information; Procurement Buyers, Talent System Managers, and Staffing Professionals are needed.

How do I earn rewards?
On a per-project basis, Skills Villagers earn cash rewards for providing online feedback to our questions. As projects are approved, payments occur weekly and are directed to your Paypal or other online account.

What is the process to qualify?
Getting qualified is a simple process. First submit the Qualification form on this page. You will receive an email with a link to schedule time with one of our team members. If approved, you will gain access to projects filtered for your expertise as they arise.

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